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1March 2021

COVID Impacts

This has been a particularly hard year. Our own friends and family have been deeply impacted by the virus. We get news on a weekly basis now, of people we will never see again. This is hard. This is hard on the mind, on the spirit, on the heart. Our thoughts go out to so many of you who are also impacted. We do not need to know you, to have empathy for you or your families. So many aspects of what ClearyMedia has done in the past, was linked to the ability to be a part of events where large groups of people gathered. That arena has changed. There are still events, many are now online, thanks to Zoom. The few events that are in-person involves a very small crew, safe social distance, masks, good ventilation, and less time in each other’s company. Even some of the events (Pride Parades and Drive-in Movie Nights) have now creatively moved to car caravans, with people wearing masks in the cars, so we can safe distance, yet still feel connected and visible. Some day, it will be safe to gather, and once again we will be able to participate in communal activities and events without danger. But until then, please be safe, please wear a mask, please be kind, and if you are able, please reach out and help someone in need. 

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