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24July 2020

Original NY Pizza

My family was born and raised on the East Coast, in what was considered the Tri-State Area. So we always had good pizza. Whether it was during a day trip to Manhattan, the Boardwalk in New Jersey, or anywhere in the Philadelphia Metro Area. There are specific ingredients and style to the pizza in that area. When you have it, you never forget it, but for all the right reasons. In that region, most of the true Italian restaurants are family run by first or second generation Italian-Americans. So when we relocated to Colorado, we began an earnest search for any restaurant that created pizza with the same ingredients and flavors of back east. Enter Original New York Style Pizza, run by the patriarch Raffaele. Born in Napoli, moved to America, where he opened his first Restaurant in Brooklyn, and now resides in Broomfield, as one of the oldest original businesses in the city. As a family owned business, I wanted to see his family and business thrive. They are good people, who make great food, and I wanted to give them a competitive edge. So when it came time to update his website, I showed him what we could do. They now have a beautiful website, populated with pictures of their own food, and videos of Raffaele singing as he teaches how to make authentic Italian Recipes. To date, his YouTube videos have over 174,000 views. 

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