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During the global pandemic, there will be changes as to how ClearyMedia handles business. Due to the need for practicing lifesaving medical protocols, the following changes are effective immediately. We will be taking our guidance from the CDC, World Health Organization, and real doctors that specialize in epidemiology and virology. As the CDC and the WHO update their assessment of safety and transmission, we will be modifying our Policies & Protocols to reflect the new changes.

Please be Safe, Please take this Seriously, and Please be Well ~ ClearyMedia

Photographing People – We are back to having personal photoshoots in the Studio, in your home, or on-location. We are also back to photographing large events and gatherings. All of our staff will be wearing masks during the event. 

Photographing Products – We are back to doing product photoshoots.

Photographing Locations – Locations will be considered case by case. If our photographers & videographers need to travel farther than a two hour drive from the Studio, there will be additional travel fees. Again, observant of all the best practices recommended by the CDC and WHO. 

All face to face meetings will be replaced with Zoom meetings. We have a Zoom account where we are not limited to time constraints, and the sessions can be recorded. We observe the current Zoom security features with a private meeting ID, password, and waiting room. 

Air drone video and photography is contingent to proximity of airports, people, and in alignment with FAA regulations. You can provide your own video, and we can edit it for your project. We will provide an all-access Dropbox folder that will allow you to upload your video clips and materials. We can directly upload your finished video to Dropbox and your YouTube or Vimeo account. 

All online website work will not be impacted. 

All online book creation will not be impacted.

We will no longer have recording sessions in the Studio.