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– All invoices are due immediately upon receipt. All invoices reflect work already completed, in some cases, work that has been completed for weeks or months before issuance of invoice.
– Unpaid invoices are considered delinquent after ten days, unless terms of payment have been created and agreed to by Christopher Cleary.
– Delinquent invoices forfeit any and all discounts and are subject to full normal rates. This is retroactive.
– Delinquent invoices accrue at 15% of total invoice, every six months invoice remains delinquent.
– Christopher Cleary is entitled to all attorneys fees, court costs, and general costs associated with recovery of deliquent invoices.
– Choice of Law and Venue Selection Clauses Drafted for Maximum Enforceability: “Any dispute arising from this contractual relationship shall be governed by Colorado law, and shall be decided solely and exclusively by State or Federal courts located in Broomfield, Colorado. Any party who unsuccessfully challenges the enforceability of this venue selection clause shall reimburse the prevailing party for its attorneys fees, and the party prevailing in any such dispute shall be awarded its attorneys fees.”

– All photography is subject to usage fees. This is retroactive.
– Any copyright free images, used by clients, are subject immediately to usage fees upon termination of working business relationship.
– Usage fees vary in scale according to client and ad campaign. Local vs. National, one time vs. extended, etc.
– Usage fees are due at the beginning of each year or at the moment working relationship is terminated.

– When a client account remains inactive for one year, due to studio space and record keeping, the account is closed, and all production notebooks are re-purposed for other active projects.

– All pre-paid work is null and void ofter one year of inactivity.

– Deposits on projects or events secure the date(s) of the event and/or start of a project. Deposits are non-refundable. The date of the event can be rescheduled once.

– Rescheduling an event that has been secured with a deposit, can be rescheduled once.

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