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Randy Bonnom

Chris helped bring a ten year dream of mine to fruition, create my first music CD. I wanted a website that was wholly original, like you were hanging out in someone’s house listening to music on a turntable. Then we started recording new songs, he helped put them up into SoundCloud and I have my…

Randy Bonnom

Randy Bonnom, an emerging Folk-Pop artist from the Denver Metro Area, has been a writer, musician, composer for several decades. It was a ten year dream for him to release his first CD, titled “Till Now“. Which now meant he needed a web presence. So we developed a branding for Randy, that invoked the retro…

CD Till Now by Randy Bonnom

The CD Till Now, by Randy Bonnom, was the culmination of a ten year dream by Randy. Since early in his life, he had been making music, performing, traveling, experiencing. In the last decade he had finally settled into the culture and lifestyle of what the greater Denver Metro area had to offer. One of Randy’s…