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Telecom Terror

Telecom Terror was a science fiction novel conceived and written by Seth Friedman. It was a seven year dream of his to complete this book. He needed a book cover and an author’s portrait for the back of the book. We read the initial book draft, for an insight as to what kind of design would go into the book cover. All of the design elements directly relate to elements from the story. You can find Telecom Terror on Amazon, B&N, iTunes Bookstore.

Telecom Terror is a wild ride about Dan Emmert, a former executive with GloblalIP Telecom and his psycho IT manager Jeff Hartman (all who know him call him Jeff Heartless). Together, they exact revenge on the justice system using local phone networks and Heartless’s alien-level wireless killing technology against the justice system and government’s action in covering up and snuffing out their role in taking responsibility for the death of Dan’s family.